Monday, March 14, 2011

House Health Committee

As reported in the last post, both the House bill and the Senate bill are scheduled to be heard before the health committees on Wednesday, March 16th. As promised, below is the list of the members of the House Health and Human Resources Committee if you would like to contact them:

Rep. Scotty Campbell -
Rep. Vance Dennis -
Rep. Jeanne Richardson -
Rep. Cameron Sexton -
Rep. Mike Sparks -
Rep. Ryan Williams -
Rep. Joe Armstrong -
Rep. Glen Casada -
Rep. Joshua Evans -
Rep. JoAnne Favors -
Rep. Curtis Halford -
Rep. Mike Harrison -
Rep. Joey Hensley -
Rep. Matthew Hill -
Rep. Gary Odom -
Rep. Mary Pruitt -
Rep. Bob Ramsey -
Rep. David Shepard -
Rep. Mike Turner -
Rep. Mark White -

The first six members listed are not on the subcommittee that passed the bill last week, so they may or may not be familiar with the legislation. I plan on contacting only those six members because I sent an e-mail to the subcommittee members last week.

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