Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Passed the Senate!

Just a few minutes ago, SB0083 passed the Senate with no opposition! As a matter of fact, both Sen. Beverly Marrero and Sen. Brian Kelsey both commended Sen. Faulk on sponsoring the bill. Sen. Marrero mentioned that a pediatrician in her district had called to ask for her support of the bill. Sen. Kelsey went so far as to sign on as a co-sponsor before the vote was taken.

This is excellent news! The next step will be for HB0871 bill to be heard on the House floor, which will be next Thursday, March 31st. On another positive note, I saw this morning that six other representatives had signed on as co-sponsors, which shows that the bill has a good bit of support.

The video from today's Senate session can be seen at this link:

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